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I go by: uh.. paula... what else?
# Age: 13.. dont hate
Where I be reppin: semen hole bizzach
3 Favorite Movies: the breakfast club, cry-baby, dazed and confuzed
3 Favorite Songs: float on, this brilliant dance, late bloomer
5 Favorite Bands: modest mouse, bouncing souls, dashboard, the strokes, phantom planet
Favorite food: doritos... pepsi... chocolate. DUH
Why do you want to be accepted? because youre my friend and i am awesome??? plus i can whore it out, im good at that. actually, lemme whore some h_o_t_x_s_h_i_t ... sorry courtneyyy. but i gotta do what i gotta do.
What 'MOD/MAINTAINER' would you do? myself, cuz i know youre gonna let me be one.... i KNOW. hehe

Whats your opinion on:
Drugs: mmmmm bud... marijuana, 420, whatever you like to call it... i like to smoke it. and alcohol, and maybe coke? acid seems like it could be cool. but fuck X. maybe some CCCs for us young'ns
People that use fake pictures: uhh, well lemme know whose they really are cuz i wanna hook up with em...
Britney Spears: fuckin hot shit.... <3 TOXIC. one more time. fuckin how can you not dig it?
Labels: fuck that shit. label me fuckin HUMAN, i dunno what planet you're from. when people call me emo it pisses me off, i mean even though i kinda am. just DONT SAY IT.
Gangs/Ghetto`ness: man what chu talkin bout??!! i think its the shit, cuz i'm BLACK DUHHHHH. no really. i dont think white people should act like ghetto ahd shit, i mean sure if thats like how they are and theyre good at it. but if youre white and do it to be cool, you should seriously die. cuz thats dumb. also if you joke around like that once in a while you know its funny... but not if youre doing it in a racist way. i do like black people. especially the black guys that look at my profile on the dilly.

Include, at least 2 pictures... kthnx

and.. dun dun dun dun.... A FOURTH....
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