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Oh, Id most deff. do you.


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Vote,promote and try to be nice.
>> You need at least 5 votes to get in
& have people at least like 3 or more things
of course.
>>> Dont be a total bitch to people.

Fill out the application form below. Just copy it and put into an update for this community.
Be honest.<3333

Make sure you answer FILL it all in, in order to be accepted & junk... PLUS MAKE SURE you do MAKE AN APPLICATION! I`ll be checking, and if you havent within 2 weeks or whatever, im cutting you & shit. sorry

  • If you use other peoples pictures, as your own. You`ll be banned, I will find the 'real person' tell them, and then notify LJ.
    Please, dont fake your cake.<3333 people should love you for you. uh yeah. duh.
  • Please dont bash and hurt peoples feelings. I dont like that, and I dont think you would either..BE HONEST, cuz honestly is the shit. But dont be a total fuckhead about the situation, if you dont like something say it but try to keep the harsh words on the low.
  • If you say Yes or No to someone, give them a reason, but like I said. Be semi-nice about it.
  • No nudeness, although it would turn us all on.. haha, just keep it covered.
  • Put Do Me in your title, so we know youre not going to be a total douche about stuff.
  • Be nice to the MODS [the people that run it] cuz we arent bitches, so dont make us be.
  • Pimp, Whore, and Brag about this community so people can VOTE FOR YOU and get cool banners haha. Thanks.

    PEOPLE THAT WERE ACCEPTED GO HERE.We dont do the 'REJECTED' lists just cuz.

    if youre accepted


    if youre rejected


    If you want to do this community [tell people/keep a banner]