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.::.-DO ME-.::.

I go by CoCo... But my real name is Courtney.. Call me what you want..
# Age:13.. (14 in August)
Where I be reppin: I be reppin Florida!
3 Favorite Movies:The RIng, Sary Movie 3, You got Served
3 Favorite Songs:Lil John and the east side bois-Get Low, Ludacris- What's your fantasy, Seether- Broken
5 Favorite Bands: Evanescence, G-unit, Seether, Outkast, and Blink 182
Favorite food: big macs from Mcdonalds
Why do you want to be accepted? I want to be accepted because I really enjoy meeting new people. Voting other people and getting voted on is alot of fun to me too.
What 'MOD/MAINTAINER' would you do? Probably I would have to go with Paula.. Mod 2 because she is very pretty and seems really nice. ^_^

Whats your opinion on:
Drugs: As long as they are preseribed by a doctor they are fine.
People that use fake pictures: Well, I don't think it's right but you gotta remember that sooo many people are self conscious and everyone wants to be pretty.Personally I wouldn't.
Britney Spears:I think she is pretty.. But only with tons of make up on.
Labels: Again I don't think it's right.. but what ever floats your boat..
Gangs/Ghetto`ness: ghetto'ness is fine.. that's who you are.. but gangs are wrong.. so many people have died just because of drive by shootings and just the initiation can kill people.

Include, at least 2 pictures... kthnx
^ this is a collage I made of myself in my personalized trucker hat ^_^
^ this is just me in my pajamas.
^ as you can see I wasn't tooo happy to take this picture.. But I get alot of compliments on it..
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sorry love but i wouldnt do you. ♥
+Your name is Courtney
+You be reppin FL too.
+Trucker hat.
---- you wouldnt do me ;( :: tear ::
oh well ill get over it.
but i`ll think of a stable answer soon
sry chicka but I wouldnt do you.

hmmmm... thanks for your opinions... most people would do me.. maybe it's because this is basically an all girl community.. lol.. oo well thanks again.. byeee~

+get low
+big macs
+oppinions on fake pictures, labels, and gangs.
+you are really cute and look more like youre 15 or 16.
+you would do me. DUH
-favorite movies

still i hope you get in, but its not up to me. hmmm i hope i'm allowed to put more than 3 or 4 reasons or w/e.
Awww thanks! I doubt I will get it though.. But thank you for being the only person that voted yes.. haha.. well anyways I would like to thank everyone that voted.. thanks yal..xoxo
Yes yes Paula its up to you too.mkay?
I decided yes.Cuz I really dig your truckerhat.
& the fact when you posted this you were listening to Ludacris <3 Yeah.