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Do me

I go by Angie
# Age: 15
Where I be reppin: Detroit Michigan
3 Favorite Movies: the ring, thirteen, finding nemo
3 Favorite Songs: slow motion - by juvenile, With you- jessica simpson, Confessions- usher
5 Favorite Bands: g-unit, D12, godsmack, silk, lil flip
Favorite food: Pizza!
Why do you want to be accepted? Because I love being in communities and voting and promoting :)
What 'MOD/MAINTAINER' would you do? uhm Mod 1? (don't know her name)

Whats your opinion on:
Drugs: You should only take them if you absolutely need them
People that use fake pictures: Why can't you use your own and be proud?
Britney Spears: She's really pretty!
Labels: Everyone has them
Gangs/Ghetto`ness: Hey, it's your style, whatever it may be.

Include, at least 2 pictures... kthnx
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+slow motion
+ cuz i am Mod 1. holler

You need at least 5 votes to get in
& have people at least like 3 or more things
of course. <3
Thanks a ton :)
hmm, well thank god you changed your pictures from the last application i saw from you. >.<

anyways ,b>yes</b> we need new members and you are pretty ♥
lol yes, I didn't like the other pics, mah friends picked them out tho. lol.. But THANK YOU :)
uh, i say no because
1. favotie movies: one thing i hate is movies that require no intelligence. maybe thirteen... and the ring, its not even an original movie. ;/
2.your oppinion on labels: that seems a bit closed minded to me, outting everyone into thir little groups. sorry, but im not down with that.
3. i dont really like your pictures. your bra stap is like sticking out in one of em.

and duuhhhh, i am not mod 1... what were you thinking, i need none of this!!??!! ahahahaheh.
uhh for now im -undecided- because I like some parts of your app. but I also dislike parts of your app.

and about your pictures.You are making basicly the same face in each picture.Smile some please!If you post a picture of you smiling Ill decide.