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Do me<3

I go by: Rebecca
# Age: 14
Where I be reppin: st.pete floridaaa
3 Favorite Movies: nightmare before christmas,clockwork orange,and finding nemo:)
3 Favorite Songs: I have to many to name..So just look at my favorite bands and it will give you an idea.
5 Favorite Bands: BrandNew<33,TBS<33,StoryOfTheYear<33,NFG<33,and LTJ<33
Favorite food: McDonalds cheeseburgers and alot of stuff at taco bell.Im healthy I know.haha
Why do you want to be accepted? Well cause I just plan rool and You know you'd do me ;) hahah well I know Paula would:p
What 'MOD/MAINTAINER' would you do? Paula..DUH

Whats your opinion on:
Drugs: Most of em are bad..greens good..but its very bad!haha
People that use fake pictures: I think its funny cause half the time the fake pictures are ugly people too!
Britney Spears: Well her music sucks but I do admit shes beautiful and I love her makeup half the time.
Labels: "Labels are for soda cans" wow thats lame haha but yea labels are hella gay.
Gangs/Ghetto`ness: Bitch im down wif da ghettoness and I be rollin deep wif thos gangs haha nah but whatev floats their boat..cause "labels are for soda cans" hahah

Include, at least 2 pictures... kthnx
Kinda old but thats ok 8)

No makeup and hair not done..yea thats strange for me:\

It looks like I want it bad!hehe

Just being extra cool.

I made this when I was bored.I like it.

and #6 if you dont mind:
Me being dumbbbb

Yup enjoy<333
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